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Could this be the first chapter of your new story?

Storytelling is hot. Apart from an entire industry that makes direct use of stories (film, books, television, games), relevant and well-told stories are a powerful tool in many different toolboxes.


After my departure from advertising/communication in 2007, I passionately poured myself into the science of storytelling. Because what is the difference between a story and a well-told story? How do you really capture an audience using storytelling? 


In the first instance, this led to the development of actual stories of books, games, film and television / VOD for young people and children. Later on, I was more and more found as a story 'creative' at the brainstorming table for parties such as Unga Toys (international loyalty program developer for retail), Hasbro, Madurodam (Dutch theme park), Archeon (Dutch theme Park), Gemeente Rotterdam, Unilever and Malmberg (educational publisher) who want to use storytelling to achieve their goals.


Many of the projects and products that came out of the brainstorming sessions were realized with the help of my extensive network of graphic designers, product developers, illustrators, authors and film producers.


I would like to visit you to investigate whether Commissioned Stories can help you achieve your ambitions.write your success story together or realize your story based product combining our strenghts. 



Patz van der Sloot

{Admirerer of Stars and Planets }{Collector of Extraordinary Objects} {Armchair Adventurer}{Amature Treasure Hunter}
{Story Hunter} {Showrunner/ Executive producer}{ Story and I.P. developer at CS.}

About CS: Patz van der Sloot

Former advertising -art and creative director- Patz van der Sloot has developed an oeuvre of children's and youth books and I.P's / story brands in recent years. Some appeared under the label CircusPatz; others came out under his own name or a pseudonym. The way of working is unique in the Netherlands; in most cases, Patz develops the story concepts and storylines and, where necessary, collaborates with authors to work out the story and give the story and characters a ‘voice.’ 


In 2009, under the pseudonym Acke Vaerle, Patz wrote 'The Extraordinary Remarkable Diaries of Victor Veggiestein' (De Buitengewoon Opmerkelijke Dagboeken van Gregor Groentestein) and sold the international movie rights in 2013. In 2015 Patz sold the total rights for his first concept-only property ‘Little Jules,’ a story concept based upon the youth of the famous French Sci-Fi writer Jules Verne. 

Meanwhile, Patz has also made the turnoff for film and television, and besides his autonomous and commissioned books, story products and I.P's work, he is also involved as a story concept developer and scriptwriter for several TV and film productions in the Netherlands and abroad.

About CS: Createurs

In the past ten years, Patz has built an international network of authors, designers, illustrators, character designers, product developers, animators and producers with whom he has been able to work closely on several story projects. In this way, CS can act as a one-stop-shop for complete story projects (from concept to 'story product’).

Commissioned Stories, Gruttersdijk 12, 3514 BG, Utrecht, The Netherlands 

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