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Photo: Mirjam van den Berg


We are FAT*Unicorns.

Storytelling is hot. From all sides we are jumped like juicy preys by hungry Storytellers. And have you noticed that suddenly everyone is a storyteller? Not just a photographer, not a rollercoaster designer, no copywriter. Everyone is a storyteller.


They do have a point. Everyone is a storyteller. In nine out of ten cases we communicate with stories. In the pub, at work, during or after football. Around the table with the family. Stories are 'our weapons of choice.'


The men and women of FAT * Unicorns go one step further. We wipe our fat unicorn buttocks with ordinary stories.  The challenge lies in creating great stories. Stories that touch your heart. Stories that never change into just 'content.' 


It is not surprising that everyone at FAT * Unicorns also writes autonomously, creates movies independently, or creates beautiful products packed with all kind of stories autonomously. Because you are a story-addict or you not. Stories are our work, our hobby and we are married to it. Commissioned or not, we have to create stories. 

You could, therefore, call our Unicorn Stable a network of independent story creatives. Narrative-magicians that slip into their FAT*Unicorns suits when they are called by the upper FAT * Unicorn with the rainbow sign on the clouds.


What can the FAT * Unicorns do for you? From smashing story concepts - especially if you do not need a whole story yet - to our specialité de Maison: total products based on stories that we entirely produce one-stop-shop style for you. 


Is it perhaps a good idea if we just sit down to see if the FAT * Unicorns can help you with your ambitions? Just take a bit of time to brainstorm if it's useful to project our rainbow sign on the clouds and let de FAT*Unicorns produce something amazing to brings your mission to the next level?


Could that be a plan?


With a lot of happy, enthusiastic but also 

very serious professional greetings,



Patz van der Sloot

Founder FAT*Unicorns

About FAT*Unicorns:

Patz van der Sloot

Former advertising -art and creative director- Patz van der Sloot has developed an oeuvre of children's and youth books and I.P's / story brands in recent years. Some appeared under the label CircusPatz; others came out under his own name or a pseudonym. The way of working is unique in the Netherlands; in most cases, Patz develops the story concepts and storylines and, where necessary, collaborates with authors to work out the story and give the story and characters a ‘voice.’ 


In 2009, under the pseudonym Acke Vaerle, Patz wrote 'The Extraordinary Remarkable Diaries of Victor Veggiestein' (De Buitengewoon Opmerkelijke Dagboeken van Gregor Groentestein) and sold the international movie rights in 2013. In 2015 Patz sold the total rights for his first concept-only 


property ‘Little Jules,’ a story concept based upon the youth of the famous French Sci-Fi writer Jules Verne.  

Meanwhile, Patz has also made the turnoff for film and television, and besides his autonomous and commissioned books, story products and I.P's work, he is also involved as a story concept developer and scriptwriter for several TV and film productions in the Netherlands and abroad.

About FAT*Unicorns: Createurs

In the past ten years, Patz has built an international network of authors, designers, illustrators, character designers, product developers, animators and producers with whom he has been able to work closely on several story projects. In this way, FAT*Unicorns can act as a one-stop-shop for complete story projects (from concept to 'story product’).

FAT*Unicorns,  Lauwerecht 10, 3514 BB Utrecht, The Netherlands +31 (0)30 2270 315